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Living Leaves · A leaf is a thing of complex simplicity. Within its thin surface exist layers of tissues which bring about photosynthesis. Photo- synthesis is the process by which the plant subsists by itself; leaves are the agents of light and life. A leaf is a tree's identifying mark. The shape, venation, and margins of the leaf all reveal the life of the plant, by giving subtle details such as…

Fingers & Fabric · Of the many plants indigenous to Philippine soil, Abaca perhaps has the most to offer in the area of industry and trade A member of the banana family, the abaca plant thrives in places with rich volcanic soil. It became an internationally known plant, and an industrial fiber of high demand shortly after a US Navy Lieutenant brought home…
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Revolutionary Rattan
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Fingers & Fabric
Abaca: Celebrating the Work of Hands
Living Leaves
Debbie Palao and Fossilized Leaves
A Message from Debbie
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A Message from Debbie
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