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ABACA INDIA LAUNCHING EVENT · And yet, another pleasant surprise! Just as I thought that the glittering event of the Panama launch was stellar enough, stirrings in the other side of the world bode of similarly interesting happenings! Our friends of Abaca India, has invited us to the launch of our designs in her furniture shop and showroom located in Mumbai (Bombay). This will be on the 9th of October 2008 …

HOME FROM INDIA: DHANYAVAAD! · Traveling is a very essential ingredient in a designer's context, as it opens up numerous windows of inspiration. It also keeps one exposed, and in contact with the world at large––and such an amazing world it happens to be, indeed. Through cultural touchpoints such as food, art, religion and of course interaction with the place and the locals, travel creates a niche in one's mind which will eventually also affect all …
Abaca India Launch
5 Oct 2008
India Visit
2-11 Oct 2008
Senso Panama Launch
28 May 2008
internazionale del mobile 2008
16-21 Apr 2008
cebu x 2008
6-9 Mar 2008

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